Therapeutic æsthetic


Outside Beauty by balancing the inside

Chan'beauté, the beauty and æsthetic part of Dien Chan (the original method of facial reflexology) offers a new way of observing the face and helps complete the sentence “The face is the reflection of the soul” by adding “... and of our internal balance”.

Beauty marks, moles, wrinkles, dimples and spots on our face reflect a potential internal imbalance and indicate present or past weaknesses. By observing tone, brightness and texture, the face is an important source of information about the general internal state of the body and is a very good indicator of our health.

Bumps found on the face during a massage using cleansing milk or cream, as well as the marks mentioned above, enable us to find the origin of the imbalance. As a result the æsthetic Chan'beauté session, thanks to Dien Chan projection of diagrams on the face, offers a therapeutic dimension as well.

Tips and Tricks

To better understand the action of Chan’beauté protocols we like to use a horticultural example and the easy to use multireflex tools offer excellent results.

We start by 'working the land'. As in a garden, where we dig deep into the dirt to prepare and aerate it, we begin by using a non damaging spiked yang tool which encourages deep micro-circulation of nutrient rich blood and lymphatic fluid of the Epidermis. The yang effect warms, concentrates, strengthens and improves the cellular activity to bring fluids to the surface.

Once the fluids are reactivated and raised we have to distribute the nutrients. So, as we rake the soil in a garden to break up lumps and to distribute the rich soil, we use a tool with yin effects to disperse the nutrients throughout the Dermis and drain any excess to avoid stagnation.

• To work on wrinkles, we roll back and forth perpendicular to the furrows, using the yang1 ball, for one minute. We then work in the area in the same way using the yin2 tool, for one minute.

• To reduce a pigmentation mark on the face or body we begin by rolling in and away (as in a star burst) all the way around the area without actually passing over it, with a yin2 tool. This movement reactivates micro-circulation to scatter the fluid and normalize the skin. Repeat the treatment at least once a day for 2 minutes. 
As the mark gets paler the “star burst” can become smaller and the mark rolled over.

1: Facial tools nº206, 307, 103 for small or medium areas and nº410 or nº438 for large areas such as thighs, hips, buttocks, back or arms.

2: Facial tools nº206, 308, 219 for small or medium areas and nº433 or nº411 for large areas such as thighs, hips, buttocks, back or arms.

The multireflex tools

We all know that a caress has a deeper effect than a smack, so multireflex tools do not penetrate or damage the skin. Rolling, hammering, kneading and detecting only stimulate, increasing the blood and lymphatic micro-circulation and strengthening the active ingredients of facial products; creams, serums, etc, thereby accelerating the results.

The tools also 'speak' to our brain to encourage homeostasis (the natural balance within the body).

In Chan'beauté, as in Dien Chan we use the terms “yin” and “yang” which perfectly encompasses the effects we want to describe.

The small facial tools adapt perfectly to the outlines of the face and to the smaller facial zones, such as the corners of the mouth and the eyebrows. The larger sizes are excellent for the stomach, legs buttocks, arms and back.

Study and practice Chan’beauté

Developed by the research team at The International School of Multireflexology – Dien Chan (EiMDC), the technique of therapeutic æsthetics (Chan’beauté), follows the Dien Chan protocol with multireflex tools to stimulate the zone and reach the internal origin of the disorder and restore the body's balance.

To that end our goal is to teach Therapists and Beauticians to build personalized treatments for their clients to provide tailored care.

As several short stimulations a week are more effective than longer ones spaced out over time, we encourage our students to teach their clients how to use multireflex tools (have the tools available for purchase) to continue working on themselves at home. Faster, deeper results will be seen at subsequent treatments.

Learning how to use the tools as well as the elementary principles of the techniques is quick. However it is important not to just use the power of the tools but to also fully understand all the diagrams of reflection.

The mental exercise of projecting the diagrams on the face is complex, but not complicated.

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