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We are very busy working on our new support for the Chan'beauté courses. Scroll down to see what we are planning.



Our students benefit from our knowledgeable and experienced teachers who share all the information and resources available.


Made with love

«The best dishes are cooked slowly»:
With a very active team of researchers, everyone's shared experiences, our students questions and their experiences, we are working together to offer a wonderful, completely informative reference for Chan'beauté.



With our many years of working as therapists, and teaching in many countries we offer in great detail, the topics and application of Chan'beauté. It is now much easier for students to study and understand the concepts of this multireflexology modality.

Born from Multireflexology – Dien Chan, Chan'beauté offers aesthetic treatments with a therapeutic dimension.
Our philosophy is totally the opposite to that of the beauty industry.
Theirs: Use of machines, surgery and other invasive procedures, such as injectables that ultimately are only effective because of their toxicity and only enhance a youthful appearance, temporarily.
Ours: A non-invasive, modern, cutting-edge technique using simple, natural hand tools to bring out your natural beauty - literally! No knives! No needles!
And remember the secret - Inner harmony = Outer beauty!

Chan'beauté magazine


Everyone who wants to discover and commit to the well-being of their peers and themselves should be able to do so with Chan'beauté.
The trend today is for relaxing, natural care and many Wellness Professionals and Spas have asked us for advice on how to integrate the therapeutic aspects of Chan'beauté into their aesthetic treatments.

At EiMDC (the school of Multireflexology – Dien Chan), the more we worked, the more we realized that we could not lock all our knowledge inside a simple manual just for our students. That would be a pity!

So, even though this was not our first objective, we began to write our advice.
We didn't want it to be a dense, boring text book; we wanted it to be illustrated, to breathe. However the notes and illustrations dragged us into a new dimension.
We realized, as time went on, that this document needed to be transformed into a magazine of enlightening and practical use. However many doubts arose and questions flourished.
The beginning of creativity!

Over the past few years we have received a great deal of feedback with the many comments and testimonials sent to us. It confirmed the enthusiasm everyone had for natural beauty and has encouraged us to move on.
So to all the readers, aesthetic professionals, students and those who believe in natural beauty, we want to thank you for using the facial tools, enjoying Chan'beauté and sharing your experiences with us.

Our goal is to have a manual not only for our students within the Chan'beauté universe, but for you too! – Someone who has not yet taken any training courses.
To help us continue in the right direction, please take a few moments to answer our mini survey - we value your opinions.

Chan'beauté Mag'interactive


Your answers are very useful and have directed us along this path...

Chan'beauté Mag'interactive

Let's be environmentalists

And what if we save trees by the advantage of state-of-art technology?

Chan'beauté Mag'interactive

For iPad

To produce a traditional paper magazine, published in several languages, would be an astronomical price. We have the best alternative – Chan’beauté! A superior quality, multilingual, interactive magazine - at the best price.

Chan'beauté Mag'interactive

Also for iPhone

There are so many protocols, practical treatments, tips and informative articles... With your iPhone you will always have them with you.

Chan'beauté Mag'interactive

How to install it?

Within a few minutes the Chan’beauté magazine is loaded - ready for you to explore, consult and use.

It's incredible...

A new interactive magazine to consult, study and above all - work with.
Many professionals still believe that withholding information gives them advantages. However, at EiMDC (the International School of Multireflexology – Dien Chan) we disagree with the argument that «information is power».... It is not! We are convinced that, contrary to widespread opinion, withholding knowledge is a great hindrance to society. We have to overcome the «ego trap».
With that in mind we are proud to offer our extensive facial multireflexology - Dien Chan experience, teaching experience and other shared talents in the new interactive aesthetic magazine: Chan'beauté.


A new concept - Natural beauty!
You will discover how emotional and physical balance is the essence of beauty, how aesthetic care can resolve internal conflicts and how you can regain harmony in your being.

Protocols for all stages of life. Well beyond the unattainable ideals imposed by the beauty industry, we find the beauty in every individual. So, from the physical to the emotional we pamper every aspect of your being.

Practical Notes to browse and use on your iPad.
Information on technical, practical and personal advice, along with precise formulas for care, are all at your fingertips.
To browse, put your iPad in the vertical position. For treatments place it in the horizontal position.

The Dien Chan formulas, that are dedicated to the aesthetic Chan'beauté, can be directly accessed or searched and display the main multireflexology diagrams of reflection. These diagrams show the relationship between the face and the internal organs.

Venus Step-by-step: The power of multireflexology serving natural beauty.
This section guides you easily through each step; from facial diagnosis and talking to your client (i.e. learning to ask the right questions), to discovering how to apply the therapeutic solutions in relation to the disorder; wrinkles, scars, blemishes and much, much more.

Because each person is unique in this world; every clients' care is personalized.
Using this section you can develop personalized treatments of protocols, formulas and tips, and along with diagrams of the facial or body areas to be worked, put them in a single PDF and email it to your client as homework (mini-treatments they should do at home to consolidate their therapy).
You can also select the most appropriate tool that your client can purchase either from you or from the DienShop.
And best of all, you can draw on a diagram, within the program, to show the exact area's for homework - Or better yet! Your iPad has a camera, so why not draw on your clients' personal photo?

Client files:
Access appointments, your client list and create a client file.
Record personal observations and comments.
Send emails with the PDF treatment summary, diagrams and homework.
Schedule future appointments.
...There is an integrated user-guide in the magazine to help you!

General settings:
Add your personal therapist information; name, contact information, logo etc., and all the other information you want, to produce impeccable PDF's.
Set up your preferred language, control your Chan'beauté licence management and contact the school.

This interactive magazine has been developed with a great deal of passion and love.
We hope you enjoy it.
Except for accessing the user manual, receiving updates, news items, or ordering the multireflex tools, the magazine is 'stand alone', so does not require a constant WiFi connection.
It is available for all models of the iPad and iPhone. However the iPad version will work on your iPhone, but not the other way around. (Sorry!! FileMaker, the engine for the magazine, whilst free for iPad and iPhone, is only available for Mac and PC users at a substantial fee - making it very cost-ineffective).
All the content is available in English, Spanish and French.
Do not wait another minute!
Start taking the reins of your beauty, your health and that of your clients right now!
Optimize beauty routines to take full advantage of the active ingredients in natural, good quality face creams.
Carefully study the list of features available in the ChanBeauté'pro version (limited) versus the ChanBeauté'clinic, (full), to avoid the need to purchase the full version later. Even if you don't use all of the 'clinic options, it is the better value.


As we were building this new magazine, we asked beauticians and therapists, as well as our students, for their comments. Here they share their first impressions of Chan'beauté.

“I could not imagine all that this interactive magazine could do. I am pleasantly surprised!
It gives me more confidence in myself as a professional and I have a therapeutic tool that is quick and easy to use. Bravo!”

Marie Verhulst45, Amsterdam

“I discovered the strength of Chan'beauté thanks to this application. It's excellent!
More and more I am integrating these beauty protocols into my treatments. My clients are excited.”

Læticia Milligan37, New-York

“I am neither a therapist or beautician, but I love taking care of myself. I never miss an opportunity to check my iPhone (its always in my purse) for the magazine's Tips & Tricks. I use them and tell my friends about them.”

Victoria Menendez41, Barcelona


After looking carefully at ChanBeauté'demo, be sure to choose the right version for you and purchase it from the magazine.



ChanBeauté'demo; with features that will help you decide which version you want.
Purchase your chosen version from the magazine, using your preferred currency.




ChanBeauté'pro: for iPhone only.




ChanBeauté'pro: for iPad and iPhone.




ChanBeauté'clinic: for iPhone only.

Interactive magazine☀️☀️
Practical notes🌤☀️
Personal notes🌧☀️
Export notes as a PDF🌧☀️
Bqc·points formulas🌤☀️
Export formulas as a PDF🌧☀️
Diagrams of reflection🌧☀️
Export diagrams as a PDF🌧☀️
Multireflex tools☀️☀️
Club prices🌧☀️
Tools index card as a PDF☀️☀️
Reselling labels☀️☀️
Venus step by sSep🌧☀️
Clients files🌧☀️
Personalized care🌧☀️
Draw the reflex zones🌧☀️
Appointment diary🌧☀️
Change language☀️☀️
Your corporate image🌧☀️

Beauty is the expression of your good health!

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